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New version now supports FLAC and OGG as well as MP3, Wav, Raw and AIFF

 After the release of my HDAudio drivers I wanted a basic recording tool for Aros, instead we got the amazing Audio Evolution 4 from Davy Wentzler.

Still I wanted a simple audio recorder so I asked Ian Gledhill who wrote the Catweasel drivers for me to have a go. Today I received the finished version and it is more than I asked for so look at the video.

This will record .raw, .wav and even .mp3 using Lame automatically. Just enter filename and path press record to start, Stop to finish, simple as that.

Now I want people to send Ian Gledhill a donation because whilst I paid for him to do it, it did not really cover his time. Plus it is a great little application. 

On top of this all the source code will be in the Aros repository so you coders can use it to make better Aros Audio applications, maybe voice over IP or anything you can think of.

Have fun but please donate to Ian, I will create a page on my site soon with this and a donate page.

Most of all have fun.

This is not the finished version.


Steve Jones

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